Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Megabus Mix-Up

So i'm sitting here in Nashville, Tennessee, USA approximately 3/5th my planned route. Let me give a short recap on the transit situation. Initially I had pre-purchased my Megabus tickets for this itinerary route-
friend ride from Duluth to Minneapolis,
Madison to Chicago
Chicago to Milwaukee
Milwaukee to Chicago
Chicago to Louisville
Louisville to Nashville
Nashville to Atlanta
Atlanta to New Orleans
All these had between 2 and 4 days at each stop. It should have taken 18 days and cost a total of $65 with service fees. What actually transpired is completely different as I am about to illuminate.
From Madison, I realized that going to Chicago before Milwaukee was not the brightest plan, so when I could not find a host in Chicago through the largest HospEx site(not to be mentioned due to the sale of volunteers labor), I bought ANOTHER bus ticket on Badger Lines(bloody Wisconsonians) directly to my brothers families house in Milwaukee. Add $15.
Then when I planned to leave Milwaukee to Chicago, I mis-read the times and missed the bus.
Waste $12. OK, I can support the USA's Rail infrastructure for another $24 dollars(opting for arrival 1hr faster at a $9 increase over the Greyhound lines).
After staying in Louisville for a few extra days, I “finally” realized the ineffectiveness of planning a trip. So shuffling the Megabus tickets around a little, I hitch hike from Louisville(actually 1/3 the distance because my host Jeremy drove me so far out the city), it was not a straight city-to-city attempt. Save $25
Waiting a short time before getting a ride directly into downtown Nashville(even when the driver lived 20 miles east, suburb), I am now relaxing in the cool AC of a busy saloon.
I now have scheduled a Megabus route to Memphis in 4 days time(due to the fact going to Atlanta is even farther out of the way than the previous C-town>Milwaukee plan, Duh). When I get to Memphis, I need to decide if putting a bicycle together and pedaling along the Mississippi River/ Natchez Trace Route is feasible given my poor physical stature and well-known inability to finish any real project I start.
It has recently occurred to me that regretting a decision after I cannot alter the fact is only inhibiting my sense of well-being and not actually dragging down the rest of the world. Given the fact my pre-purchased route cost less then half a direct Greyhound ticket, I have still managed to spend over budget while having a good time. The chance encounters I get with hosts and friends more than makes up for it. Now what I really need to consider is if throwing caution to the wind and going with what comes my way is really the best way to travel.
With an open time-frame and imagination running wild, i'll tip back a pint or 2 during this here happy hour and consider what I should do.
Damn it's hot down here. Even after trimming un-necessities from my backpack, I still know there is more that needs to go. If I have to carry my house on my back, best to make it a Studio Apt as opposed to a Mansion.   

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